Heidi Schubert
Teacher / Asst. Director
Poko Loko Learning Center
1601 Northwinds Blvd.
Libertyville, IL 60048

To Whom It may Concern,

I am writing this letter for accomodation for Jazzi Entertainment and the Owner, Patti Ummel. The show "Only a Clown Nose," is a fun and entertaining show for children of all ages. Children from our center, age 2-5, recently had the pleasure of enjoying the show. Performed at our center, the show helps children realize that there is no reason to fear clowns by keeping the show very friendly and especially interactive for the children. Patti is dressed up as a clown, performing magic and playing games while giving the children the opportunity to interact during the show. I highly recommend this show to any Early Education Center, director or teacher looking to help children with a common fear, with a child like exuberance that only a clown knows...

Heidi Schubert

This program gives the audience a step-by-step approach to transforming an everyday person into a real-life clown!

It is a comfortable atmosphere, where the kids feel safe and secure enough to put any fears of clowns aside. The kids will also learn about the different types of clowns, some clown history, and the art of clowning!

Not only will they see a demonstration of what it takes to look like a clown, but after the clown comes to “life”…. they get to help out the silly clown by suggesting different tricks that a clown would do!

It is a fun, fast-paced, interactive program that lets the kids be a part of the show!

They will see the clown juggle, perform crazy circus stunts, and even help out with a magic trick or two!

It is a hilarious, fun-packed 50-minute show that engages kids of all ages… up to seniors! It is a must-see program that will leave a smile (and clown nose!) on everyone’s face…. even after the clown leaves!